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Genetic basis and drug treatments for narcolepsy? [Oct. 5th, 2007|07:13 am]
Science Fiction Come to Life


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First of all: does anyone know of a genetic basis for narcolepsy, or any successful attempts to develop a cure, or anti-narcolepsy drug?

Second, I'm trying to remember the name of a movie I saw on Sci-Fi recently, that featured:

  • A potential anti-narcolepsy drug that was undergoing its first lab trial

  • One of the scientists working on the trial was a young female scientist, the protagonist

  • The scientist was afflicted with narcolepsy herself and seemed to have some veterinary genetics background

  • The main plot arc started with three of the trial patients dying of seizures after taking the drug, with the whole lab being shut down

  • The scientist and her colleague went to meet some corrupt FBI detective in a garage, who opened fire on them, resulting in the death of the colleague, while she shot him

  • Sinister DARPA agents who wanted the narcolepsy cure in order to produce sleepless super-soldiers kept hunting the scientist all over the city

  • A police chief who first takes the scientist's panicked phone call and seems to be helping her get to safety turns out to be on the take and in the employ of the bad guys

  • A police detective who starts out hunting the scientist as a suspect ends up being her only protector

  • Chase scenes throughout the movie were interrupted almost comically when the scientist would start keeling over from narcolepsy as people were trying to kill her

  • The cure was somehow hidden in the lab dogs without the scientist realizing it until the end

  • The scientist ended up taking the last of the pills to stay awake and mentioned that she'd be up for about nine days

Does this ring a bell for anyone?